Evgeniy Bazurov. production of video,
visualization, animation
and unique computer graphics
with exclusive attention to every client

Presentation video
Infographic, broadcast design
adv video
object visualization
technical animation
architecture visualization and animation
visual effects

Experience and proffesional

Ten years experience
in all media productions

responsibility and quality

Hundreds of finished projects
in structure of creative groups and studios

´╗┐work order, time and cost
you could request by any of presented
communications at any time.
Please attach all
possible information about
your order - It gives possibility
to calculate time and price exactly.

E-mail: Evgen@evgen3d.com
Skype: evgen.b
phone: +7(916) 342-33-95

Billboard. Motion design
Concept art. Forest
Gorchakovo. Architecture visualization
The Sun. VFX
Lobby architecture visualization
Architecture visualization.Pool
Tv-bumper for Nauka 2.0
phones animation
Private plane interior